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Mannequin Records catch a mutant industrial infection from Brussels-based lo-fi loon Maoupa Mazzocchetti on his debut album of EBM, dark wave and proto-techno misshapes. 

If you’ve followed Mazzocchetti’s spate of releases over the last few years for Unknown Precept, Mannequin and PRR! PRR! you’ve probably marked this release date in your calendar already. But in case you’re new to his playfully cranky and idiosyncratic sound, Laugh Tool is a fine place to get acquainted with his lop-sided grooves and tres demented sense of humour.

From a personalised arsenal of analog synths, modified drum machines and stacks of guitar pedals, he squeezes out eleven tracks of DIY dance music that meets the spirit of early ‘80s Belgian and British tape scenes with the innovative anachronisms of Delroy Edwards’s L.A. Club Resource or the styles of Beau Wanzer, Charles Manier or Tolouse Low Trax.

They include perfectly sour peaches such as the sozzled New Beat mutation Unsequenced Hours and Laugh Tool’s prickling electro-salsa primed for the ‘floor, whereas the pickled pop of I’ll Have The Meat But Not The Teeth intersects dank EBM with a strain of eldritch pop more associated with, say, The Pheromoans more than anyone else from his scene, and that’s very OK with us.