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The End" is a concept album about a human being travelling across the lands as the world begins to end.... 

Each song represents different events during the ending process, and as they unfold the being feels as himself is becoming god, or death itself. By the end of the album this being by all means becomes god and rules over the wasteland left behind. 

All lyrics rely on anti-Christian themes, and overall an incredibly nihilistic approach to it all. The album in itself represents Nihility overall. 

Manetheren formed in 2003 by G.J, and released 3 albums, one not properly distributed and the other two still as minor releases until when, in 2012, they were offered a deal by french label Debemur Morti and released with them the fourth album 'Time', which was an updated and reworked version of 'The Seven Realms of Manetheren'. This album marks the joining in the band by drummer Thorns, a very well known in the european extreme music scene having taken part to recordings and touring with bands like Acherontas, Blut Aus Nord or Darvaza and Martrod (just to name the most recent ones) 

After the album was released D.G and E.B also joined and completed the band. 

Since 'Time' they had decided to take an even deeper dive into the realm of atmospheric black metal and started creating their new album 'The End', which presents many layers of atmospheres and a better sound research than the previous entry, especialy with guitar, here oftenly used as samples or sounding like keyboards overdubs at parts! The main goal of this album was in fact to create something heavily layered in a dark atmosphere without moving too far from the realms of Black Metal (both musically and lyrically). 
It toook a few years to write and complete the album as well as to prepare everything else connected to the release. "The End" was basically recorded, mixed and mastered by D.G at BeastCave studio. 

Manetheren is an ancient nation in the "Wheel of Time" series of books. Particularly it was one of the Ten Nations which arose after the Breaking of the World and was destroyed in the Trolloc Wars circa 1200AB. Its name translates as "Mountain Home" in the Old Tongue and its people seem to have been a hardy folk capable of living in the mountains.