MANATEEES - Destruktor 7"

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Let's not pad a perfectly good sledgehammer! Following their single on Goner Records, Memphis' finest come up with their mission statement here, with two holes in your head drilled as urgently as anything I've perceived since Black Flag released the fucking Damaged LP! It rips in that kind of organically unclean way. Nothing here is contrived. The A-side, "BEAST", and the flip-side, "WITCH" dig into the cavernous remains of the human condition, expressing a kind of tortured urgency, guilt, and then finally, nihilistic self-acceptance. This is the torch, a rainbow of sleaze, pulling colors from metal, brutal honesty, drugs, Witches, Warlocks, and rock n' roll...this is the torch lighting the Manateees' reality. The tainted prospect for salvation through the desire to find a "Witch" on the flip-side is equally delicious and malnutritious! The shit here is like a pill for the pop-culture-cancer patients out there, people sucking in the usual total crap that means absolutely nothing, and in no way relates to real human beings and their real lives. Call the cremator cuz this shit is hot enough to burn through the human skull boy!