MANATEE - single payer class war 7" (flexi)

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Oakland’s mysterious Manatee is back, following up their Indecision 7-inch with a sharp blast of punk energy. Recorded in the same marathon session as the aforementioned single, these two tunes couldn’t be any more different. Where Indecision flirted with power pop and late Replacements melodic rock inflected with shoegaze sonics, this single is straight-up punk rock. Featuring two concise songs that each happen to clock in at 2:13, this limited-edition flexi wears its heart on its sleeve (literally) with art that pays homage to The Dils’ classic Dangerhouse single. “Mr. Super” is the poppier of the pair, bringing to mind mid-’80s SoCal pop-punk in the same way that labelmates Terry Malts do. Powered by the pummeling rhythm section of Nik Carlson (bass) and Chris Greacen (drums), “Mr. Super” is either about our president or a super hero—only singer Keith Neal knows for sure. “Chased by Anderson Cooper” is a nightmare brought to life, the frantic hardcore rush mirroring the protagonist’s panic. Both are packed with guitar crunch galore, often exploding into shards of uncontrolled feedback. Not too bad for a bunch of old men.