MANATEE - Indecision 7"

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Slumberland Records is very happy to present the first release by the San Francisco / Oakland band Manatee. Featuring Black Tambourine / Whorl alumnus Mike Schulman, Manatee was a relatively short-lived project that, on the evidence of this fine single, flamed out far too quickly. Inspired by bands as diverse as Velvet Underground, The Ramones, The Feelies and The Replacements, Manatee created a straight-ahead brand of power-pop that's as impassioned as it is timeless.

"Indecision" is an uptempo tune driven by a naggingly catchy guitar riff and Keith Neal's ace vocals. Hearkening back to the '80s heyday of Game Theory, The Replacements and The Smithereens, the track is an effortlessly rocking pop gem that demonstrates the enduring strength of the basic guitar / bass / drums format when combined with great songwriting and a passionate delivery.