Total Silence


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When composer Fernando Manassero and performance duo reConvert (consisting of the percussionists Roberto Maqueda and Lorenzo Colombo) started conversations about working together with Total Silence they already had a clear vision. This vision was to bring an electro-percussive concert piece entitled AMOEBA into a physical form. AMOEBA was written by all three afore mentioned artists and had been performed live by reConvert multiple times, giving it different shapes and forms, evolving constantly. The participants phrased the process like this: “The piece has been re-worked in order to offer a new perspective on itself. It changed to become what it is on this physical format”.

The ambitious craftsmanship of Manassero & reConvert led to the chance to record at none other than the legendary IRCAM studios in Paris, France. With such an intriguing foundation to and story behind this project, it was quite easy to intrigue label founders Sascha Brosamer & Manuel Schaub to put all efforts necessary into the realization of this project. AMOEBA converges what their claim in founding Total Silence was from the beginning: establishing a platform where the historical knowledge of New Music in general and electro-acoustic composition in particular is enhanced into a contemporary environment of sound; sounds building a bridge between tradition and contemporary listening habits.