MAJORITY RULE - Interviews With David Frost LP

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In many ways, Majority Rule was the anchor for everyone during those times. Starting with the record release for "Interviews With David Frost" at the Wilson Center (w/pg.99, Darkest Hour, Waifle, and City of Caterpillar opening!), Majority Rule shows became these pulsing beacons of community pride where hundreds and hundreds of people would come to every show, know every single word to every song, and altogether combine to create a truly transcendent experience that left us all with.... hope? Motivation? Cathartic satisfaction? These three guys and their music definitely did something special for and to all of us living in the area at the time.

What's most amazing to me in the present day is how well both of these albums held up. Repressing them doesn't feel at all like a novelty or nostalgic kitsch in the slightest. I still get goosebumps. I still believe in what's going on from the point the needle touches down all the way until it picks back up. It's my sincerest hope that a lot of folks that weren't into DIY punk/hardcore back then (or maybe missed out on the whole DC/NoVA revival of the early 00's) will be able to pull even a sliver of what these records have already given so many people. You're in for a treat...