MAJORITY RULE - emergency numbers LP

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Emergency Numbers" is the second proper full length from Washington D.C.'s Majority Rule and their third release with Magic Bullet. Recorded in snowy isolation in the dead of winter '03 at the Outpost (Stoughton, MA), this finely crafted CD/LP finds Majority Rule exceeding all possible expectations of both themselves and the perception of a modern DIY hardcore band. Where others get "experimental" over time (or simply follow what's hot at the moment), this band is intent on branding and furthering a unique sound that is distinctly Majority Rule.

And they have succeeded: huge production, goosebump-inducing dynamics, and the balanced dual-vocal attack that fans of the band have grown to adore... a record so groundbreaking that the band has already committed the next 7 months of their lives to touring the world in support! This is the recording that most indie, pseudo-indie, and even a few majors labels tried to wrestle away. Yet once again, our beloved trio does Washington D.C. proud by upholding the DIY ethic that has come to define a city reborn.