100% Silk

MAGIC TOUCH - I Can Feel The Heat 12"

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“Not Not Fun imprint 100% Silk is about to do it again with “I Can Feel The Heat,” a new 12" record from MAGIC TOUCH, a.k.a. DAMON PALERMO from MI AMI and JONAS REINHARDT, whose recent NNF record, Music For The Tactile Dome, kills it on the spaced-out, Tangerine synthesizer tip. HONEY OWENS of Portland's MIRACLES CLUB guests on this track as they take turns embodying the diva spirit, pumping some serious piano-stabbed house nods on "Clubhouse." The teaser video reveals the project's already obvious influences: aerobic power ballet, shirtless black men, and neon silhouettes. Fade this right in between Cupp Cave's Dice Pool EP and the new Lone, and you've convinced me to attend your party.”—Ian Nelson, Friendship Bracelet