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The name Machinist may suggest something industrial, mechanical, something alien (as in 'not human') perhaps, and the three long pieces by Zeno van den Broek, the man behind Machinist is alike that, yet it has a certain quality that makes it very human. Machinist is inspired by the art of Richard Serra and Anselm Kiefer, the beauty of decay, rust, earth, brown and grey. In the opening piece Machinist plays a very dark ambient tune which is along the lines of Lustmord, in a very cinematographic way. The desolated and empty industrial park at night with strong suspense. Soundsources are hard to trace down. The second piece seems to be drums and guitars and is quite a rock like piece, not at all like the first or the third piece. More Skullflower inspired drones than anything ambient industrial. 'Blackblock' ends with a piece that is a combination of the two previous ones. Slow rumbling percussive bang on a can against a darkened wall of alien machines trying to conquer the world. The rhythm here is the most mechanical. Quite a strong release, and the length of the pieces might be considered long, but this music needs that kind of development, and Machinist makes all the right moves only a human make to create some interesting shapes and moves. Very nice indeed. The right noise!