Black Widow


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 Luciano Onetti is an Argentinian director of Italian origin. His great passion for 70s Italian Giallo led him to defy time and to continue the cinematographic path marking the age of the Italian thriller of masters like Argento, Fulci, Lenzi, to name just a few. With these two soundtracks, the very talented Onetti has also carried on the musical language of the Italian Giallo created by artists like Goblin, Morricone, Frizzi, Michelini... Sonno profondo (Deep Sleep) is the soundtrack of the first Onetti’s full length film, composed in 2013, while Francesca is the musical commentary of the second movie and second part of a trilogy that will be completed soon by Abrakadabra, direction and soundtrack again by Onetti himself. It’s like time has stopped, while still genuine and real in his direction, Onetti creates a magnetic soundtrack, almost hypnotic in certain parts, with psychedelic sounds and obsessive percussions, influenced by Goblin, but inspired, real and never dull… one CD with the first two soundtracks and two distinct albums to remain attached to the kind of movies which are so emotional to us.