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LUCIANO ONETTI - Abrakadabra - Colonna Sonora Originale del Film LP

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The Onetti Brothers, Luciano and Nicolas, return for a final stab at the genre which introduced us to the Argentina based filmmakers five years ago. What started with the predominantly first person perspective of 'Sonno Profondo' in 2013 opened up a bit more with 2015's 'Francesca'. Now the brothers have completed their most realized giallo film of the three, 'Abrakadabra', marking real progression from that first film five years ago presenting the story of a man haunted by his past, more than he knows, in a race against time to catch a killer. ( The music is again incredible and inspired. Luciano Onetti composed and played all songs of the soundtrack with the '70s Italian giallo feeling and influences of masters Morricone, Stelvio Cipriani, Goblin, Fabio Frizzi and many incursions to funky rock, jazz, progressive arrangements and thrilling and intense atmospheres.