LOSS LEADER - Songs About LP

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Loss Leader!!!

The quartet was formed in Madrid in late 2017 by Casta (bass), Paula (drums, backing vox) and Tote (guitar and vocals), all mainstays of the capital city's punk/DIY scene and members of the likes of Ulises Lima and Wild Animals to name a couple. In December 2018 they released their first self-titled EP and after playing extensive shows nationally, they filled out their sound with the addition of Guille (keyboards) and toured the UK and France.

After spending 2019 writing new songs and playing shows they recorded their first full-length in November / December of that year. It's fair to say the recording was somewhat accident prone including recording studios blowing up, neighbours threatening violence and more mishappenings.

The end result is made up of sessions spread over 5 different locations, makeshift studios and home recordings. Due to the nomadic nature of the recording the band considered titling the album "Nomads" but decided that was an awful name and went with the more ambiguous "Songs About".