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LOS PLATANOS: alicante, spain is the place; garage punkrock the genre. two exclusive tracks (not even 01:30 in length) of energetic punk with a high-pitched voice and spanish lyrics. band members are/were active in EL EJE DEL MÄL, BLASPHEMIA ANAL, PROVISIONAL ROCK UNIT and others. they got another 7" on the way and some plans for touring. I think they even recorded a full length recently.
VENEREANS: let's start with some names: LE JONATHAN REILLY, SALCHICHA, THE CAR CRASH SLEEP etc. -- that's some of the members' former bands. like their split partners, this valencia (spain) based outfit offers us two short and fresh punk tunes but with a little more surf influences here and there. their LP is scheduled for the end of this year on TIC TAC TOTALLY and DISCOS HUMEANTES.

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