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As a follow up to her work inspired by contemporary and historical films with her collection of non-oficial and interpretative scores entitled: “Film Scores” (first published in 2013 by the Belgian label Sub Rosa); Lori Goldston returns with a brand new musical interpretation of the celluloid; this time, inspired by: “The Passion of Joan of Arc”, the legendary 1928 silent film, directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, about the condemnation and punishment of the young french martyr -and feminist icon- Saint Joan of Arc.

Lori Goldston, the renowned American cellist from Seattle, best know for playing in some of the most visible rock acts from Seattle as: Earth, Nirvana, The Black Cat Orchestra, brings us a new jewel of contemporary and alt-classical music at it’s untamed and organic side; this time accompanied by two of the most notable artists in avant-garde music worldwide: The ambient/experimental music guitarist: Aidan Baker, and the percussionist, drummer and Italian sound artist: Andrea Belfi.

The Passion of Joan of Arc is an album that evolves slowly letting glimpse small variations, while growing in intensity to reach a strong climax, transiting through the sonorities of experimental chamber music, alt-classical, minimalism, free-improv and ambient music with a special organic feel. An album recorded live at the Christuskirche in Bochum, Germany, an evangelist church from the XIX century, capturing the natural reverb of the place .

With an evolving improvisational composition they give us an extremely organic work, full of variations, textures and nuances, taking the expression to the limit, introjecting and projecting in a liminal way, looking to create a sound space of acoustic images.

Substrata proudly presents a special and limited edition digipack.

The album was recorded at the Christuskirche, an XIX century curch in Bochum, Germany and is edited, mixed and mastered by the renowned sound engineer: Mell Dettmer (The Melvins, Sunn O)), Godflesh, Earth, Boris, Stephen O ‘Malley, Eyvind Kang, John Zorn, Jessica Kenney, Wolves in The Throne Room among others.)

The cover artwork is a painting: An abstract interpretation (and a layering) of some scenes of the film “The Passion of Joan of Arch”, made by the Mexican visual artist: Mariana Ortizalbo.