LOOPSEL - Öga For Öga LP

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Like a dream foggily remembered, Loopsel's Öga For Öga is tempting in its beauty yet slightly menacing in its depth. These songs, like paths in the forest forest, are heavily, almost treacherously, reverberated, with finger-plucked guitars acting as your signposts amongst the flora and fauna of field recordings, pads, and the cool, calm voice of Elin Engström. The album is the second from Engström as Loopsel. She is a Gothenburg-based musician and one-half of both the group Monokultur and the team behind the tiny Mamma's Mystersika Jukebox label with her partner JJULIUS. During what seemed like the nadir of the pandemic, the blurry, otherworldly sounds emanating from their living room snaked snaked into the office of New York's DFA Records, where the otherwise dutifully DIY pair found the scale of worldwide release and distribution. Öga For Öga is the second release from that partnership (following JJULIUS' VOL. 2 in 2022).