LOCRIAN - New Catastrophism LP

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“New Catastrophism”, the first LOCRIAN release in seven years sees the iconic experimental music trio return back to their roots through four immersive tracks that signal towards the band’s signature expressions through dark ambient, experimental music, drone and post rock. Massive dystopian soundscapes through the intricate, layered, and spacious sound palette LOCRIAN unveil.

LOCRIAN is a prophetic voice of decline. From the band’s inception, it has comfortably straddled both the experimental and metal underground, weaving themes of apocalypse, urban decay, environmental destruction and birth/death/rebirth throughout its multifaceted and genre-defying releases. The trio formed in 2005 in Chicago and features Terence Hannum (synthesizers, vocals, tape loops), André Foisy (guitars, electronics), and Steven Hess (drums, electronics). Over their sixteen-year history, Locrian have released six studio albums, three collaborative albums, and numerous limited-edition releases.

"Locrian break their seven-year silence with a new full-length, New Catastrophism (Profound Lore), a beautiful, heady record that strips their aesthetic back to straightforward postmetal-flavored ambience and electronics...New Catastrophism proves once again that whether Locrian are operating with a minimalist or maximalist palette, they’re hard to top when it comes to conjuring dark, moving sounds."
--Luca Cimarusti, Chicago Reader

"From start to finish New Catastrophism is perfectly nuanced. There is nothing present that does not enhance the overall sound...["Ghost Frontiers"] showcase LOCRIAN’s dark/drone ambient side and do so extremely well. Whilst the tracks on New Catastrophism convey a society and planet on its knees, those on Ghost Frontiers transport you to a land where nothing remains...I can’t praise LOCRIAN’s work on New Catastrophism and Ghost Frontiers highly enough. The band continue to be inventive and evocative and have lost none of what made them so special in the seven years since they released new music."
-Dan Dolby, Veil of Sound