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A lagoon (in Catalan, "llacuna") is not born out of nothing. Behind this band name we can find four regular members of the Spanish punk underground (Eric Font, Eloi Nadales, Albert Riera, Gerard Serrano), linked to acts like Hurricäde, I'M, Föbia, Turnstile, the Saltamarges label or the extinguished Eclectic music venue, to name a few examples. Their cover letter is the self-titled album "Llacuna" (October 2017), a five song EP where every track is different from each other despite starting from the same point: all that someone ended up baptizing as "emo-core" and would define the irruption of bands like Rites of Spring in 1985, a genre that currently continues alive internationally, constantly updating. All songs are also connected through Catalan lyrics that permanently navigate the hopelessness/hope dichotomy.