LITTLE CUTS - Plastic Disaster 7"

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DAVE HERNANDEZ of legendary garage punk band SCARED OF CHAKA formed LITTLE CUTS in Seattle during a break from touring duties with indie rockers THE SHINS in '08. His years with The Shins left him anxious for a return to the louder and more chaotic leanings of his earlier bands. ANDREW CHURCH was the obvious choice for wingman in the group. Having previously played and recorded with Hernandez in power rock outfit BROADCAST OBLIVION, he filled bass duties handily when not working with his other great band THE COPS. CURTIS JAMES of OLD HAUNTS had met Hernandez mid tour in the early ‘90s when he'd drummed for Olympia band EXCUSE 17, and it was total random coincidence that had him tattooing at a shop next door to Hazelwood, Church's bar in Seattle. He completed the three piece, and they set about recording a handful of CDRs that were passed around town, and played a handful of shows as well as releasing a single for Bag of Hammers. This new 7-inch was recorded by LARS FINBERG.