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Buckle up for an extraordinary sonic journey that begins the moment you drop the needle. 'Lo Becat is one long compostion, spread over two sides, and brings you drones, soft melodies and untamed rhythms, often all at once. t's simultaneously warm, heavy, and soothing.

Drawing from their backgrounds in both traditional and experimental music, Lise & Lisa bring the best of these two kinds of music together in Lo Becat. The composition commences with a hushed and droning overture, exploring the harmonies that unites their two bagpipes. What follows is a sprawling reinterpretation of ‘la belle va au jardin des amours’ - a French traditional that’s usually sung, but here it gets an equally beautiful yet totally different version. All the while, Lise and Lisa converge the sounds of their bagpipes together into a sonic whirlwind. Towards the end of the composition, a small portion of a French traditional dance a ‘bourrée’, is intertwined, creating a bridge between the ecstatic trance-inducing parts in both drone and folkloric dance music. Totally unheard, and mind boggling.

‘Lo Becat’ offers a unique auditory experience that fearlessly transcends conventional musical boundaries, wandering around through sonic depths, simultaneously sounding really old and very new.