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"We were big fans of Deserts of Youth, the 2016 album from Lisa/Liza, aka the project of Portland, Maine’s Liza Victoria. In our review, we praised the way Victoria created “wonderfully minimal and psych-tinged songs,” that resembled “complex poetry arising from a relatively simple set up, just straining finger-picked guitar and her gently wavering voice”. The latest Lisa/Liza release is Barn Coat, a five-song EP that sees her continue with her stripped back sound. The deceptively short release is stark and bare, painted in the pastel tones of dawn, working to carve out a space of contemplation within a busy world." varioussmallflowers

"A deeply intimate, hauntingly poetic folk record, Barn Coat captures moments of truth, change, connection, and pain to deliver a truly raw and cathartic listening experience." - Atwood Magazine

"An EP both brave and reassuring, a blanket to crawl under and an unblinking lens that probes deep into our psyche" - GoldFlakePaint

"Consisting solely of acoustic guitar and intimate vocals, these compositions return the delicate, ethereal structures of L/L's work to date, balancing the clarification of her naturally evolving songwriting with a growing ability to weave measured imperfections and jazz-like playfulness into her songs." - Portland Phoenix

"This is a beautiful demonstration of loneliness, of our microscopic lucidities before the great horizon of life." - Le Devoir