Limited Fanfare

LIL DAGGERS - Lil Daggers LP

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Lil Daggers' debut 11-song full-length LP on limited|fanfare Records. Produced by Ryan Haft (Capsule, Torche) and mixed by Jonathan Nunez of Torche.

While Miami’s Lil Daggers have already made a name for themselves on 7″s and split EPs, it seems those early releases only provided a mere taste of what this group was capable. What stood out about the band’s early material was a brash rawness to their rock, ruthless in every way with the kind of punk attitude that brings to mind X, The Mummies, Gas Huffer, Green River, The Sonics, The Stooges, and so many others. As the band began hinting at a full-length album release, I was prepared to hear more of the same – and I mean that in a positive way. What I received instead was something completely unexpected, and I love them even more.