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LIDA HUSIK - Fly Stereophonic LP

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RSD 2022 Release

500 LPs ww, 180g CLEAR VINYL. Lida Husik has her 1997 album 'Fly Stereophonic' released on vinyl for the first time.

Her versatile recording career has been via a broad pantheon of labels - Shimmy Disc, Caroline Records / Astralwerks, Alias Records and Rough Trade.

This was her fifth, another inventive slab with clever twists and turns. Laced with three solid minute dream pop confections and balanced with addictive melodies and quiet pop sensibilities.

Lida Husik's personal stamp is surreal, mature, with catchy trippy hook laden guitar and a great seductive voice to match.

A treasure trove - ' Fly Stereophonic ' splendid celestial rhyme; the cosmic wobble of ' Fade Sister Cool '; the panoramic swoon of ' Chocolate City ' and the giddy cover of the Monochrome Set's great masterpiece ' Eine Symphonie des Grauens ' all served with panache.

" an alluring 34-minute seduction, the songs revealing new layers of wonder with each listen " Chicago Tribune // " as many psychedelicious, bouncing, organ-drenched pop hits as a Stereolab album " Time Out New York