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Lésions Graves is an experimental extreme-metal trio on a journey towards minimal music. Racing drum patterns and humming melodic shreds interweave with disharmonic sound spheres and complex rhythmic and melodic phase shifts. Fast, loud, aggressive, repetitive, irritating.

Symposium is heavily influenced by classical music and metal. The two together coalesce into a distinctly unique avant-garde black metal iteration that focuses heavily on polyphony, odd metres, and many other musical paradigms usually associated with classical music, be it from the various standard forms of it, or more contemporary artists and schools. The two guitars serve as the main vehicle of these ideas—they are everywhere, buzzing like bees with their specific distortion sound, relentless tremolo, and continuous interplay—but they are joined by the drums—which are very idiosyncratic as well, approaching the various themes and sections not unlike another melodic instrument and, rather than merely serve as a glorified metronome, joins the fun in a very Peartesque fashion. Symposium is remarkable and certainly one of the most striking metal albums the year has to offer.(canthisevenbecalledmusic.com)

Members of Julith Krishun, Tangled Lines, The 244GL,....