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The album begins with its title track's (Alien) mysterious synths, an anthemic bass driven dirge reminiscent of theme songs for Discovery Channel about alien life. A duet, here William Maybelline's vocals are deeply resonant, menacing, yet vulnerable, answered by Larissa Iceglass' silky and sardonic reply, where our two protagonists waking in the opposite direction, against the grain resign themselves always to be Alien. The song's video is gorgeously shot in both Heidelberg and Athens, where Larissa and William wander the streets, shoulder-checked as outsiders as they travel across bridges and alleys.

Gravity Sucks is a song about the desire to reach the velocity necessary to escape the earth's gravitational pull. While evoking a sense of not belonging on this cold blue planet, the song's melancholic melody is propelled forward by sombre saxophone wails, a mournful bassline, and gothic rock guitars, all working in compelling combination with the morose German lyrics.