LAZY MAGNET - acts without error LP

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As an artifact, a piece of archived music, this feels as if it belongs beyond the earth—or perhaps buried deep within it. What started as something of an ill-fated project, a split 12" with the ethereal forest-dweller Caethua, Acts Without Error took over a year and a half to finish. Spacing out through numerous edits and mixes, the final piece seems squelched straight from the cosmos, balancing itself down onto the earth via energy waves both yellow and neutral, black and beautiful. To say LAZY MAGNET created a sonic spectrum of sound and tone is to suggest they did not practice magic. Surely they did, however, and blessed us in our sleep. You hear a synth call and beckon the light to enter the room, but it's beyond a machine. Many artists push their noggin hard and strain to reach outside the world. They practice the scales and draw lines on paper, and ache for the sonics. Lazy Magnet wrings hands and nods heads—born from the soil is elegant rays, shifting pitch bends that lift your spine out of your body. Did you ever daydream as a child, looking into the clouds for shapes of dinosaurs or pig faced men? Did the clouds ever speak back? Now they do. Edition of 400 copies.