Thrill Jockey


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*Limited LP version comes in a custom die cut full color LP jacket with full color insert and MP3 download coupon* Described by Thrill Jockey as "a musical node comprised of three humans and various mechanisms", Chicago's Lazer Crystal are an electro-rock trio with one foot planted firmly in 1980 - as their album title itself volunteers. This is a band who are ready and willing to plant their collective tongue firmly in-cheek, dishing out nightmarish synth exercises like 'Love Rhombus' and new-wave disco fripperies like 'Bad Indian'. A little further in, 'Lame Duck' comes across a bit Gary Numan, but the eccentiricities of the trio come through more readily on 'La Rouche' which stumbles along in a fizzy dirge that overflows with activity, not unlike a Max Tundra record. MCMLXXX is a lot of fun, and although not quite as substantial as certain other recent Thrill Jockey releases, anyone with a soft spot for wild synthesizer antics and retro-minded electronic pop music will have a blast with the record.