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Lamburg Tony - Hip Hop Nation LP

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With inventive use of simple equipment, Lamburg Tony creates exotic and poetic dancing tracks that contain fragments of flying cowbells, wet trumpets,children’s choir, frogs and Vietnamese. On his debut album Hip Hop Nation he places the tough rhythm of the street in a withdrawn rural garden, and creates a kind of expressionist easy listening, where clocks not only melt, but also turns into pots and pans, that once again can be misunderstood in a futuristic archaeological excavation. This is Hip Hop Nation, with high fives and hugs for everyone. Lamburg Tony has worked with music since he was a teenager, and made several self-releases only distributed to friends and relatives. Among them are Hvid Staff (2003), Charmini, Alphons (2004) and Polske Hřns (2005) not to mention the cassette tape classic Noise Dance (2007). Many of these releases have been made in collaboration with his cousin Niels, who acts as a kind of producer. Niels also did the mixing of Hip Hop Nation, and is known in Escho context as the bass player of KLoAK.