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It seems a logical step to follow up Scissor Tail Editions 2012 reissue of Bruce Langhorne's score to The Hired Hand with these two beautifully constructed pieces of music from artists residing on separate sides of the planet. PADANG FOOD TIGERS and CHAZ PRYMEK (aka LAKE MARY) both employ similar instrumentations to that of The Hired Hand soundtrack. Banjo's play the lead role for Padang Food Tigers and Lake Mary as well in building imaginary desolate landscapes. Guitar and piano float in and out. These could easily be heard as companion pieces "Crabbing King Sappling" builds heavy cinematic tension while "White River" acts as a blissful release. Both artists are apt creators of space and masters of turning your repetitive thoughts into wandering nomads. We're happy to be involved with these guy's who have truly created a sound all their own.