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On the eve of her first proper tour of the US in four years - and not quite ready to drop a full length follow up to last year’s excellent ‘Something Shines’ - Laetita Sadier has a new single to offer. It’s not just any single - it’s a cassingle. What better song to bring Laetitia’s music back to cassette than one reflecting upon the mysteries of time? 

Co-written with David Thayer, ‘Dry Fruit’ is a song about that ineluctable passage and the sense of loss it can provoke, as one circles through memories that seem as real as the day they were first encountered. With deft musical strokes, Laetitia conveys the nuance of the emotions involved. Built from her rhythm guitar part and overlaid with touches of vocals, keyboard lines, electric guitar, vibes and samples, ‘Dry Fruit’ has plenty of musical juice. 

Presented with this ‘fruit’ to remix, CAVE get in between the lines of the original and find open spaces with which to build new constructions that compare and contrast with the echoes of the source material. The paradoxes of the circle of life are demonstrated by the remix, clocking in at four times the length of the original song. Laetitia caps the experience with a bit of spoken word, as the musical accompaniment fades gently to her rhythm guitar and organ in the deep shadows. 

Both ‘Dry Fruit’ and ‘Scene Of The Lie’ occupy one side of the tape which, when flipped, will play the same program on the other side - again affording the listener an insight into the song’s implications through mere mechanical manipulation.