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LACKEY DIE - same 7"

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Now this is something unique and very cool... if you've been picking up the great GOT MYSELF zine from the Sorry State distro you've probably read a lot about the underlooked punk scene in Charlottesville, VA. Well Sam, the editor of that zine, uncovered this unreleased studio session from Lackey Die, Charlottesville's first HC band. These 8 tracks were recorded at the legendary Inner Ear studio (the original location... same as the Bad Brains Black Dots sessions, Minor Threat, etc.), and perfectly capture the energy and excitement of the original HC era... seriously, these tracks are perfectly of a piece with the bands on Flex Your Head. Great packaging too... screen-printed jackets, and inserts including full lyrics, a short history of the band and an interview with two of the members. This is definitely one of the best reissues I've seen in ages.... it's awesome when someone uncovers a true obscurity that's actually worth hearing. Feel It Records