LACE CURTAIN - the 3rd ep LP

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LACE CURTAIN is MIKEY YOUNG and DAVID WEST from TOTAL CONTROL, RAT COLUMNS, RAN/XEROX, EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING et al., exploring an electronic world of pleasure, frustration and sadness. Bedroom dancers, synthetic singers, basement kicks in a romantic void. Influenced by the Germans, the Italians, pale British button pushers, glamorous alien pop futurists, Mid-Western sweat, NYC disco dreamers, undercover kings and queens escaping a dull grey world with rhythm and noise, sound and vision. The 3rd EP by Lace Curtain ushers in sounds both new and old to the Lace Curtain listener. A feeling of detached romanticism and dystopian fantasy hangs heavily over this recording, which was delivered to tape and hard drive in San Francisco, Melbourne and Rye, alone and together