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The Short Version: A Solid Gold Mix Between Harlan T Bobo and Reigning Sound.
Best Memphis Album not out of Memphis!!!! Summers Best! Cover art by Lindsay Shutt!

The Long Version: La Panther Happens are hailing from Tulsa. According to themselves they inhaled 60's SOUL, psych, garage, girl groups, schlitz, memphis. I guess you can find all this in this album. You can definetly find a deep love for the Memphis Sound. You can hear a lot of Bands like Reigning Sound ( the rockin parts), Harlan T Bobo (the quiet parts), The Scruffs, Big Star, a bit of Magic Kids all paired with perfect songwriting: Loaded with Teen Angst, Love and Not Loved, yet an throbbing urge to let all this get out via record...GREAT!!!. Hands down the best demo I ever got by an unknown band...Cover art by Lindsay Shut!