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First ever reissue of this mega rare sought after French acid psych secret!

· Featuring an insert with liner notes and interviews by Quentin Orléan, plus photos!

· Limited edition of 500 copies only!

Ultra rare, sought after French acid folk psychedelic masterpiece, Long Orme is the work of singer-guitarist-songwriter Yves Fajnberg, his girlfriend singer Anne Marie Butel plus a full cohort of musician friends. The LP was laid down to a 2 track Revox Reel To Reel recorder between late 1974 and early 1975 and originally released in 1975 by Sonart Disques to such a limited run that an original copy sells nowadays for no less than 400 euros.

Together with Yves Chauvet, Fajnberg had worked on Dominique Droin's Wave On LP issued by Le Kiosque d'Orphée, all done on a small home studio set by Chauvet. They used the same facilities, mainly two 2-track Revox reel-to-reel magnetophones and an 8-track mixer, to produce a delightful peace of poetry and acoustic guitar acid folk sounds which will appeal to fans of artists such as Season, Jeff, Beautiful Losers, Yves, Serge & Victor, Manu Lannhuel, Denis, Jean Yves Tourbin, a.o.

Never reissued before, the Wah Wah edition features original sleeve artwork plus an insert with liner notes & interviews by Quentin Orléan. Limited edition, 500 copies only.