LA BIG VIC - Dub The World! Actually Revisited LP

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In the Press Release for LA BIG VIC’s debut LP, Actually, the music was defined by merely describing its creators. There was PETER, an industrious analog synth tinkerer, EMILIE, an extrospective songwriting violinist, and TOSHIO, a foreign and mysterious cornucopia of inspirations. Together, they created what critics called “cosmopolitan” music, a hybrid of synth-pop, krautrock, psych-rock, dub music, and world influences explicit and obscure, “a strand of experimental music that is as wide-spanning in feeling as it is in sound.” (Martin Douglas, Pitchfork). Actually is an ornate entity, sweeping and grand, yet easy to listen to for days on end. This stems from the general calm an open mind derives from successful diversity. While a Cosmopolitan city may seem outwardly frenetic, it is the fluidity and synthesis of its components which define it so. Such disparate parts thriving so mechanically canillicit complacent wonder within the minds of gazing tourists. With Dub The World!: Actually Revisited, a conceptual sequel to LBV's debut, Underwater Peoples would like to invite you underneath the great city of Actually. Down here, things may sound familiar to you, but certainly not the same. Reverberations cast long, evolving shadows across the tunnel walls. Flickers of light are extinguished by sirens. Dubbed and Re-imagined at Aki Road Studios by LBV's own Toshio Masuda, Dub The World! contorts, subverts, and expands upon La Big Vic's debut.