LA BIG VIC - Actually LP

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La Big Vic's lead guitarist, Toshio Masuda, performed in a major label J-Pop boy band in his youth in Japan. He produced hip hop songs, commercials, and soundtracks before coming to America to become an inspirational R&B musician. Peter Pearson, the group's synthesist, is an apprentice to Pink Floyd's live sound producer Jeff Blenkinsopp at Expert Audio Repairs & Servicing (EARS) Inc. One of Jeff's last interns was Gavin Russom. La Big Vic's lead singer and violinist is Emilie Friedlander, founder of Visitation Rites. She inspired us to start chatting with people about music.

La Big Vic is a kosmische, trip-hop, genre buster. Actually is hook rich, atmospheric, and full of lurking positivity.