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L HOMME PUMA - on remplace les yeux casses LP + 7" (col)

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The french l'Homme Puma takes us for the sake of change on to a journey in the universe of instrumental post-rock. Or so it feels. Their weird mixtures of rockriff, electronica and acoustic guitars, and the typical post-rock riff plus the melodies makes me really think that l'Homme Puma is something above the normal. Dialogues and speeches is wildly sampled, and I think I recognize a part out of Kubricks phenomenous movie Full Metal Jacket on the song "Surtout dans les coins", which is absolutely wonderful. If I should take another example of how cool mixes l'Homme Puma makes, then I must say that the intro on "Catherine Deneuve" is massive, crazy, and bloody heavy, to then change to something completely different. I'm already stunned, but the eight track "Plaisir D'offrir" makes me fall completely. I want to cry because of its beuty. The whole record is just one big earorgasm.