SEBASTIAN SELKE & DANIEL SELKE - Q3A 7" (deluxe edition)

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The brothers Sebastian and Daniel grew up during critical times – back in the 1980s when the former GDR was slowly starting to dissolve – in the far east of Berlin. The newly built prefab estates that marked this area were named with different types. Q3A was short for “Querwandtyp Nr. 3, Variante A“ (Cross-Wall Construction).

Here, Sebastian and Daniel practiced cello and piano from an early age. In search for a shared musical language, the longtime-collaboration CEEYS was born out of “violoncelle“ and “keys.“

Recorded and mixed at their Klingenthal studio, the EP is a first in more than one sense: using a cello from Klingenthal and handmade synthesizers from Erlbach, the A-side marks Sebastian’s first solo release. Daniel, on the B-side, is playing his restored childhood upright, combining it with a russian altered, organic drone synthesizer.

Limited gatefold book edition.
17 handmade copies with seal stamp and 2 inserts (handnumbered).