J. ROBBINS - Un-Becoming LP

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J. ROBBINS has been the guitarist/singer and primary songwriter (or pushiest collaborator) in several bands since the early ’90s, including JAWBOX, BURNING AIRLINES, CHANNELS and OFFICE OF FUTURE PLANS. He has also played bass for GOVERNMENT ISSUE and the Vic Bondi project, REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY. For the bulk of that time, he has also been active as a recording engineer/producer, working with musicians from around the world at his Baltimore-based studio, the Magpie Cage. J. started performing as a solo artist around 2010, making occasional low-key releases on Bandcamp and contributing to two benefit compilations that were released on Germany’s Arctic Rodeo Records. Un-Becoming—which came together in short bursts of activity spread out over the long stretch between 2016 and 2019—is his first full-length solo record. On 11 of the LP’s 12 songs, J. is joined by PETER MOFFETT on drums, BROOKS HARLAN on bass, and GORDON WITHERS on cello and guitar.