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HUM - Inlet DLP

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Completely unexpected, the first album in 22 years from the gigantically influential, semi-legendary HUM. A genuine Album Of The Year contender, and possibly their finest ever, it mixes their super-heavy / epic sound into elements of drone and shoegaze, with their trademark almost-sighed vocals. Longtime fans will in no way be disappointed; newcomers with a penchant for post-rock, emo, math rock and even doom metal will see what all the fuss has been about!

"The band is extremely thankful for the kindness we have received over the years, and we hope everybody is happy and well."

The new album is an eight-track release that should appease fans of the band's '90s output. Highlights include the album opener "Waves," the hypnotically epic "Desert Rambler," the dark yet crushing "The Summoning" and the slow ebbing closer "Shapeshifter." - Loudwire