DINOSAUR JR - green mind TAPE

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Dinosaur Jr's monumental noise was a crucible of raging riffs and emotive melody, an unlikely fusion of speaker-blowing feedback and catchy hooks. Post-punk and pre-grunge, they were an intense force to be reckoned with, and when the band signed to Sire in '91, J Mascis's shreddingly unique alt-rock sound was cranked up for vast new audiences of eardrums. These albums spotlight one of the most distinctive and influential artists of the '90s in prime form. Each release presents the original album on 180-gram vinyl. "Green Mind" is their Sire debut, originally released in '91, following their seminal SST classics. Includes "The Wagon", an all-time great Dinosaur Jr song featuring massive distortion, infectious melody, and an extended Mascis guitar solo. Also includes "Puke + Cry", "Thumb", and "Water".