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Dutch experimental raw death metal absurdity Cryptae return with their second full-length deformity, "Capsule", their most aberrant, delirious and labyrinthine (master)piece of anti-music yet. Conceived through a deconstructed and radicalized approach of "less is more", this new chapter of conceptualized insanity sees the deranged duo of drummer/vocalist Rene Aquarius and guitarist/bassist Kees Peerdeman starve and disassemble death metal from within, as they explore a cryptic concept revolving around marine life and its abysses teeming with absurd and marvelous life forms. The staple high contrast minimalist/maximalist experimental approach of Cryptae in deteriorating the familiar fabric of death metal and finding new and insane ways to dismount and reassemble the genre through delirious aural experiments, this time reaches truly extraordinary and implausible new dimensions of the absurd. Entire strings of death metal's DNA are removed and replaced with components from other genres in a deranged and playful act of stylistic disfiguration, yielding deformities unending and essentially crippling the genre into an incomprehensible, skeletal mutation. A violently malformed and enigmatic abstraction arises from this delusion, through the forced abortion and abolition of all musical canons and decency, triggering a marvelous rebirth through conceptual annihilation and spasmodic nonconformity which is set to challenge and destabilize our perception of extreme metal at the deepest levels. A glitched and distorted sonic fractal of demented improvisation drives Cryptae's crippled and deconstructed raw death metal experiment, as primitive raw (post)-punk, repetitive and bludgeoning industrial, schizoid no-wave, and jazz-derived free-form backward moving meters and compositional oddities all do their part in completing a musical jigsaw of rare genius and hideous inventiveness.