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NY saxophonist and pocket trumpeter Joe McPhee meets Turkish free-improv group KonstruKt, who have collaborated with Evan Parker, Marshall Allen and Peter Brotzmann, for these incredible sessions mixing jazz, traditional instrumentation, and electronics.

“Thirty years ago while on a plane waiting for takeoff, the pilot came on the intercom extolling the technical marvels of his new jetliner and reciting a poem about the wonders of fight. I can’t recall the title of the poem or its author but theses few words instantly grabbed my attention, “ …to rush at the wind and having caught it, to soar.” I can’t think of a more accurate description of my first visit to Istanbul, meeting Konstrukt and this project.
My trip had not started well. Before leaving New York; before arriving at the airport, my luggage went missing with my instruments, my cloths and at that point, my confidence. I arrived with only the cloths on my back and my tenor but by the time the first notes sounded at sound check for the concert the next day I understood the meaning of the pilot’s poem. The music on this recording is the rest of the story and a much better representation of “Resistance, Provocation, and Spontaneity” than any of my words.