KONGH - shadows of the shapeless 2xLP

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Kongh’s previous release, Counting Heartbeats doesn’t do this band justice when compared to Shadows of the Shapeless. Hailing from Sweden, Kongh’s music is a cesspool fuming with sounds familiar to the doom, sludge and even grindcore genres. The first two genres don’t usually mix with grindcore, but I think if anyone has proven they can, at moments, it’s Kongh.

The opening Track, “Unholy Water” is a perfect example. The bass really sets in and mid-way through the 11-minute track and even though it’s heavy as hell, the sound doesn’t die off midway. Kongh is walking the delicate line of boring doom and engaging doom; something that is not easy to do. Other bands have tried and failed miserably. Unfortunately, this album isn’t perfect either.

“Essence Asunder” is too sloppy. In fact, I skip the first 4 minutes or so when I listen to the album; fast forward it to the 4-minute mark, seriously. Oskar Rydén’s bass is prominent throughout the album, but “Essence Asunder” is the best example of his skill set. Around the 9 minute mark, the track flips you over and gives you a happy-ending. They have to set you up for the 4-minute long boredom fest that follows with “Tänk på döden”. The title-track, “Shadows the Shapeless” brings the heat towards the end with a fucking brutal break down as it oozes grindcore riffs and chords. Perfect way to end the album.