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KNIFE AND APE - night touch LP

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The second LP by this monumental swedish band! Under the innocuous name of Knife And Ape, four boys from the North: Rohbau (guitar, synths, etc.), Geo (synths, etc.), Marten (drums, etc.) and Scott (vocals, etc.), with bass-section assistance by the Kid Commando masterman Laagrrluv - create an often awesome pre-industrial vibe that explore a dark state of mind only hinted at by '60s psychedelia. Taking cues from Chrome, Suicide, Wolf Eyes, Jesus Lizard, The Residents and anyone who ever made home tapes in their bedroom, the band's dense, chaotic science-fiction epics are vivid vinyl nightmares - a thick blend of mechanical noises, filtered, twisted voices and fantastic, bizarre lyrics - that flesh out a frightening world both absorbing and repellent. Though conventional song structures are preserved to the point where tracks can be distinguished (indeed, the band's early efforts aren't all that far from semi-normal guitar rock), Knife And Ape's strength is their ability to create sounds of horrible beauty that transcend discrete musical units. Their sonic intensity is something to behold.

Comes with thick sleeve and inlay poster. All by graphic genious Daniel Fagge Fagerström!