Stoned To Death


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There is not many other duo's on czech free improv / noise scene such as these two. Klamm & Pelikan. They are something like Durman / Posejpal for generation X. Working together since 2011, but probably much longer. This is Discogs knowledge speaking. They are navigating themselves through the wastelands of tones that nobody wants to hear. Ever. Manipulated guitar, tape loops combined with alt sax and clarinet and hallucinating voices. Sometimes the offering consists of moments of infernal eerie. And sometimes you are putting your head into the open mouth of a sleeping beast. This current installment to their wild discography brings 42 intensive minutes. Situation is this: two humans are melting sounds into metal. The material they create can feel very unknown, like element that's not from this realm. Not from this planet. Or: it will instantly feel very familiar to you.