Ugly and Proud


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For years, Bulgarian hardcore punk scene has had one of the most vibrant and engaged artists, labels, and gig promoters in Europe, putting on many great names like LAST HOPE, VENDETTA, EXPECTATIONS, START TODAY, BROTHERS IN BLOOD, ANOTHER DAY, BFH, INDIGITY, MEANSTREAM, REDOUND, STRATEGY X, OMERTA, and a lot lot more. KING OF SORROW features former and past members of EXPECTATIONS, FEEDBACKER and КПД-0, and these guys know exactly how to deliver a powerful, thick riffed and anger fueled offering. 

"KING OF SORROW is a creative outlet for our desire to write straight-forward hardcore punk music, after playing around with more alternative incarnations of the genre in other projects. We made this band and this record to share our passion for hardcore and DIY ethics in a world and a country, where everybody is complaining you can’t do this, you can’t do that. Well, you can.

BOW TO MY WRATH” is as pure as our personal view of the life we’re given, the stuff we hate about it and the way we deal with it. Our aggression is not a mask. We’re not tough guy wannabes, we’re not rock star wannabes. We’re four hardcore punk kids, who’ve been breathing music for ages, who are spending our days doing the stuff we love no matter anything.

“BOW TO MY WRATH” was written by us, recorded by our guitarist Mihail Slavov, with artwork by our drummer Radoslav Monev, mastered by our great friend Marius Costache and released not just by a label (Ugly and Proud Records), but by a great friend, who’s also living life the way we believe it’s right."