KING CRESOTE - it turned out for the best 12"

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It is, of course, the magic number. And not just because of the Third Swan or Three Craws or Three Degrees or De La Soul. Not just because Kilrenny Church struck three for three o’clock; or because that song alone will tear apart your heart’s three walls.Three is our number of primary colours, three is the primary odd prime number, and there is no more beautiful music than that which is derived from the primes. The ear contains three arch canals; we see the world in three dimensions; earth is the third planet in our solar system and the Roman numeral III means GIANT STAR in the Yerkes spectral scheme – with which we are all no doubt closely acquainted – and hopefully you get my point. There are three musical notes in a triad, King Creosote is a three-chord wonder, and this is the third in a three-part series of revolutionary vinyl-only EPs.