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KELVOX 1 - grazed red LP

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KELVOX1 are a three-piece group from Cambridge, UK who use synths, sampler, voice, guitar, bass and other useful objects that happen to be at hand. Over the past year and a half they have played with bands including Gary War, Braids and Conquering Animal Sound. A Kelvox1 recording is as much an exploration or an account of the location it is recorded in as it is a document of a song. The texture of the space is only revealed by the sounds produced in it, which are like matches being lit in a darkened room. In these circumstances, the band relinquish mastery over the sounds they record, they can only use their equipment to harness and perhaps direct the properties of the environment. The lack of complete control is the condition of being in this world; what emerges is an expression of the group's attempt to create something meaningful within it. In Grazed Red there is also an idea that songs themselves are environments to be inhabited, by both the band and the listener. Grazed Red is Kelvox1's first physical release. "Post-everything, their sound brings to mind instrumental dubstep visionaries Mount Kimbie, as well as the dark, expansive spaces created by the likes of Zola Jesus."—We Like Wildlife