KELVIN / SPEEDY PEONES - split 10" (aluminium cover)

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Limited edition of 300 copies on blue vinyl, packed into a silkscreened aluminium-cover! Both bands are from Padova. SPEEDY PEONES deliver 3 tracks as well, nice New-Wave-Pop songs, spiced up with lots of weird little effects and breaks. Their main influences seem to be ROXY MUSIC and DEVO. KELVIN is a guitar-drums-duo, citing amongst their influences like MELVINS, KARP, UNWOUND and JESUS LIZARD, as well KURT and TEN VOLT SHOCK... Now that's nice! One of their 3 tracks is a rowdy and noise-soaked version of the MELVINS' "If I Had An Exorcism". And additionally both bands combined deliver a cool version of the MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT song "My Body Is A Jerk"!